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Leo Messi: I am very happy to play here in Japan

Messi attended the pre-match press conference for the Miami International Japan Tour alone, expressing his happiness to play football in Japan.

Leo Messi: I am very happy to play here in Japan

Regarding the upcoming match, Messi said, "Good morning, everyone. I'm happy to be playing in Japan this time. I hope to finish with a spectacular game here and then go home."
Discussing his own condition, Messi mentioned, "I will check my condition during training today. I'm not sure if I'll be able to play tomorrow, but I feel that I've been improving in the last few days."

Leo Messi: I am very happy to play here in Japan

Reflecting on the match in Hong Kong, Messi stated, "I was really unlucky. In the first game in Saudi Arabia, my adductor felt uncomfortable. The MRI showed it wasn't an injury, but I still felt discomfort. In Hong Kong, many people came to the stadium, and I wanted to play, but the result was disappointing. I hope to have another opportunity to play in Hong Kong."
Speaking about Japan, Messi said, "I have visited Japan at different times, including with Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and the Argentine national team. But I always receive warmth and a special welcome."

Regarding Vissel Kobe, Messi mentioned, "Of course, I know Vissel Kobe because it was the team Iniesta played for before. I've seen news about Japan, checking how he's performing. I think they are a strong opponent as they are the champions of the J.League."

"This tour will be for a long period, and due to the time difference, it will have a significant impact. But we will do our best to improve the team and bring something positive for the MLS on February 21."
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