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FIFA Clarifies: Introducing Blue Cards Still Premature

A report by The Telegraph suggested that elite-level competitions such as the FA Cup might introduce the blue card system, where players committing malicious fouls or dissenting against referees would be sent to temporary sin bins. Subsequently, FIFA officials clarified that this report was inaccurate and premature.

FIFA Clarifies: Introducing Blue Cards Still Premature

The Telegraph stated that football is set to introduce blue cards. The legislative body of football, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), has reportedly agreed, marking the first introduction of a new card since the introduction of yellow and red cards in the 1970 World Cup. This revolutionary measure, to be announced by IFAB, is part of a plan for temporary sin bins, whereby players committing malicious fouls or dissenting against match officials would be sent off for 10 minutes.

The Welsh FA had planned to trial the blue card in lower-level matches this season, but without approval from the FA, players sent to temporary sin bins would only receive yellow cards. Additionally, if a player accumulates two blue cards or a combination of yellow and blue cards in a single match, they would be shown a red card. Top-tier competitions will be excluded from testing this rule, but trials in elite competitions could potentially begin as early as this summer, possibly including the FA Cup and Women's FA Cup, with the English FA considering voluntary testing in the following season.

However, the UEFA Euro and Champions League tournaments this summer and next season respectively will not implement temporary sin bins. Last month, UEFA President Ceferin told The Telegraph that he strongly opposes the use of temporary sin bins, adding, "This is no longer football." Nevertheless, if tests are successful and integrated into the game's rules as expected, European football governing bodies may be compelled to introduce these measures.

Responding to The Telegraph's report, FIFA issued a statement:
"FIFA wishes to clarify that reports of so-called 'blue cards' in elite-level football are inaccurate and premature. If any such testing were to take place, it should be responsibly limited to lower-level competitions, a stance reaffirmed by FIFA's intention to discuss this agenda at the March 1st meeting of the International Football Rules Committee."
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