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Inter Miami Continues Star-Studded Signings, Lauds Messi's Impact, Says MLS Commissioner

Inter Miami Continues Star-Studded Signings, Lauds Messi's Impact, Says MLS Commissioner
MLS Commissioner Don Garber confirmed that Inter Miami will continue its trend of attracting international football superstars, as Luis Suarez prepares to begin his inaugural season with the squad. Suarez will join Lionel Messi and other high-profile signees, including Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, to kick off Inter Miami's 2024 Major League Soccer campaign.

Messi's arrival in the previous summer was deemed a milestone for both the sport and the club. Garber emphasized Messi's signing as an indication of the MLS's growth and its attraction to world-class players. The recent addition of Suarez, along with other former Barcelona players, has added to the team's overall appeal, injecting more energy and drawing further attention to both Inter Miami and the MLS.

Dismissing recent comments about the financial implications of Miami's star-studded signings by a senior executive from another MLS team, Garber seemed unperturbed. He assured that Inter Miami's objective goes beyond mere player acquisition. He highlighted the team's aim to increase the MLS's competitiveness and popularity. He asserted that each club must decide on its player recruitment based on what works best for it.

Garber also highlighted the global recognition and international audience the MLS and Inter Miami are attracting as a positive development for the league. The team recently completed a global tour that included visits to Japan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and El Salvador, indicating their growing global appeal. Despite Messi's towering presence, Garber affirmed no concerns about the star overshadowing the rest of the league, illustrating the growth and competitiveness of the MLS.
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