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Lee Kang In: Disappointed Son Heung-Min and Everyone, Sorry Everyone

Previously, South Korean national team player Lee Kang In had publicly apologized for the internal conflict within the national team during the Asian Cup. Today, he once again addressed this matter on his personal social media, stating that he has already gone to London to apologize to Son Heung-Min in person and has thoroughly reflected on his actions.

Lee Kang In: Disappointed Son Heung-Min and Everyone, Sorry Everyone

Here's the translation of Lee Kang In's social media post

Hello everyone, I'm Lee Kang In.

During the last Asian Cup, my shortsighted and reckless behavior disappointed Son Heung-Min, the entire team, and all the fans. I believe it's important to personally visit Son Heung-Min and sincerely apologize.

Through extended conversations, I've come to understand the weight carried as a team captain and have reflected on my actions. Through this post, I'd like to once again thank Son Heung-Min for his welcome and hospitality during my visit to London. I deeply understand how much he values this game, but I believe the root cause of all issues was my failure to fully understand his thoughts and sincerity.

Especially as a captain, an elder brother, and a teammate, Son Heung-Min offered me a lot of advice for team unity, but I failed to listen attentively and only expressed my own opinions. That day, during dinner, I did something absolutely wrong. Even now, looking back, it was something I should not have done, and I deeply regret it. Despite respect and dedication being paramount, I also have many shortcomings.

I've also reached out to every senior and teammate in the national team and apologized to them. I've deeply reflected on my words and actions, as well as my lack of consideration and respect towards seniors and teammates.

I promise to treat my seniors and teammates with a more proper attitude and politeness in the future. Through this post, I want to once again thank my seniors and teammates for accepting me and accepting my apology.

Some players have been criticized because of my actions, and I believe I should also accept criticism directed towards them. Although I've received unwarranted expectations and support, I've deviated from the exemplary image and responsibilities of a player for the Republic of Korea national team, thereby disappointing the fans, for which I apologize again.

This is also an opportunity for me to once again feel that the reason I've achieved what I have today is because of the seniors and teammates who defend Korean football and the numerous football fans who love it. I know your disappointment is as strong as the love you've given me. In the future, whether as a player or as a person, Lee Kang In will work even harder.

I'm sorry, thank you everyone.

Lee Kang in respectfully.

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