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Manchester United's Raphael Varane Raises Health Concerns Over Recurrent Concussions

Manchester United's Raphael Varane Raises Health Concerns Over Recurrent Concussions
Manchester United defender Raphael Varane recently shared his concerns over the long-term health effects of repeated concussions in his career. He discussed his experiences in an interview with L’Equipe, mentioning instances where he played with potential brain injury symptoms.

Varane, the 30-year-old centre back, recalled times he believed to have suffered concussions, notably before France's 2014 World Cup quarter-final against Germany, and a Champions League game against Manchester City in 2020 while he was at Real Madrid.

Amid his concerns and vocal criticism of the game's congested calendar, Varane took the surprising decision last year to retire from international football. Now, he encourages his peers to be more transparent about their experiences with concussion symptoms, especially since these injuries are often invisible compared to physical ailments like a limping leg.

Varane is particularly worried about the possible harmful effects of repeated head shocks in the long term, admitting that he feels he has damaged his body. Consequently, he has advised his seven-year-old son against heading the ball when playing football.

This season, he has had to miss Manchester United games due to "micro concussions" from frequent heading of the ball. He experienced abnormal fatigue and eye strain after successive heading in one match, which led him to inform the staff and subsequently miss the following game based on their recommendation.

Varane's revelations highlight the urgent need for more consciousness and prudence towards head injuries in football, particularly as the risks of long-term damage become increasingly evident.
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