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Coach Ten Hag attended the press conference

Coach Ten Hag attended the press conference

After Manchester United's 0-1 home defeat to Arsenal in the 37th round of the Premier League, coach Ten Hag attended the press conference.

Reporter: Hi, Erik. Do you think you got the response you wanted from the team today after what you've been talking about all week? What have you talked about?

I actually don't like this response, but you have to be there all the time. When you're at Manchester United, you have to stay awake all the time. Yes, if this happens, you need to react. The players have reacted, yes.

Reporter: What was the idea behind using Casemiro as a center-back?

You had other options to play as center-back today, but you chose him. Was it because he was the fittest, or because the other players weren't ready to play as center-back? I didn't have a choice. Camavinga? He's not suitable, and he's just back from injury, so he's not suitable for starting.

Reporter: Did you consider playing McTominay in that position, as he has played as a center-back for the club?

I haven't seen it, but I've heard that he hasn't always been successful playing in that position. I think he's more suitable in the midfield, in a more advanced position on the pitch, because we also had problems in that position.

Reporter: Amad started today and showed positive signs, is the right-wing position now his?

I think Amad deserves it, there is fierce competition for this position, so he started. He was injured for a long time, but he found himself again, he deserves it. But throughout the season, with Ghana Jo and Anthony, we have choices in this position. Rashford also came on, but today I found him deserving of this position, I think he played very well. He did what we expected him to do, he was brave, creative, and defended well, so I am satisfied with his performance.

Reporter: I don't mean to cause you trouble, but you lost 0-1 to Arsenal at home...

You're right.

Reporter: Considering what happened in the game against Crystal Palace, we are trying to find positives from it, does this show the state of the club? It shouldn't be like this, that's what you're saying.

Yes, but when you analyze the team's performance, you have to see that we are competitive, even if it's not what we want. Of course, we have to win, Manchester United have to win every game. But at the moment, as a club, we're not in that position, especially with all the injuries we have, it's definitely not this team.

Reporter: You're still in eighth place now, Newcastle United and Chelsea are ahead of you, Manchester United are likely to miss out on European competition next season, how damaging is that for the club and for you personally?

Yes, it's very damaging, but I just answered that question. That's where we are right now, but we still have a chance to get there. So we have to take responsibility. Then, you have to be able to do the job under any circumstances. We have to fight for it, even though the problems are many, everyone knows this, especially in specific positions and lines, but we have to fight for it, that's what deserves this club, deserves the fans. You can see the fans on Monday night, from the first whistle until the final whistle, the fans are supporting us even though we lost 0-4. They understand our situation today, from the first whistle to the final whistle, they are supporting us, you see that too. They see the problems, they see that the team needs support, the team needs support. We are together, so we are Manchester United, which is very good. I think this is a good example for us as a team, and for what we have to show on the pitch.

Reporter: Erik, you talked about the problems encountered this season, injuries, and other situations, but when you reflect on everything you've done this season, could you have done better in terms of selection or signings? Do you think all the injured players have done their best, or do you think you could have done more yourself?

That is to say, any coach can do better, but I have been here for two years now, I have only had a full squad once, and when we have special situations in certain key positions, you can't make progress with the team. There are too many injuries, it's like swimming with both hands tied behind your back, and you have to lift your head up, that's what we have to do. We're still in the cup final, which is good. But if you want the team to progress, you need fit players, you see our opponents today, they only have one player who is not 100% fit, and we have so many players.

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