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Real Madrid refused to renew the contract with Modric

Real Madrid refused to renew the contract with Modric

Real Madrid's performance this season is not very satisfactory, and it also makes the team want to start rebuilding and opening a new era next season. Among them, midfielder Real Madrid also wants to buy Bellingham as the future core midfielder partner Joan Ameni and Camavin add. As the core of Real Madrid's midfielder, Modric's contract renewal this season has not been very smooth. Before, the Magic Flute said that he did not want to go to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to win, and was still waiting for Real Madrid's contract renewal invitation.

However, Real Madrid's team reporters have also reported Real Madrid's latest decision: "Real Madrid is unwilling to renew the contract with Modric, and they are more inclined to let the Magic Flute contract expire and leave directly." Let everyone see the cruelty of Real Madrid, Real Madrid is not willing to send Modric a contract extension. Real Madrid has always been more realistic about the team's meritorious veterans. It is difficult for players to stay in the team if they lose their competitiveness. Casey, Ramos, Raul and others were all forced to leave at the end of their careers. Real Madrid's decision also made it necessary for Mr. Golden Globe, who has played for 11 years, to find his next home after the end of the season.

However, although Modric is 37 years old, his performance is still quite good. This season he still contributed 5 goals and sent 3 assists, and he scored again in this round of the league. Although Modric failed to realize his dream of retiring at Real Madrid, he can still go to Saudi Arabia to assist Ronaldo to get his last big contract. Riyadh had negotiated with Modric when he came to Madrid to sign Ronaldo before Victory.

At that time, they were also willing to give Modric an annual salary of 30 million euros, which was impossible for Real Madrid to provide. The combination of Ronaldo and Modric can also be called the top configuration in the Asian League, and Ronaldo can also hit the golden boot of the league with all his strength.
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