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Montella: Guler will get better as he gains more experience

Montella: Guler will get better as he gains more experience

In the UEFA European Championship quarter-finals, the Netherlands defeated Turkey 2-1. After the match, Turkey's head coach Montella attended the press conference.

Speaking about midfielder Güler, Montella said, "Güler performed exceptionally well in this match. He has never played so consistently at this level before. This was a great experience for him. He is not even 20 years old yet. As he gains more experience, he will become even better."

Regarding Turkey's performance in the 2024 European Championship, Montella said, "We showed everything we had. We played very well in the tournament. My colleagues and other football practitioners have also congratulated us."

Montella added, "We have a lot of young players. They demonstrated incredible mental strength. I am proud of my players. These players deserve the love they have received. After this European Championship, Turkey will gain more respect. Our next goal is the UEFA Nations League, which starts in September, and then the qualifying phase for the 2026 World Cup."

Montella also said, "Perhaps now we need to reflect on what we did well. Of course, we are disappointed with this match, and we deserved more. But we won three matches in this European Championship, tying our record for a single European Championship, and all these victories were achieved in the regular 90 minutes."

Montella said, "Towards the end of the match, we were affected by a lack of experience. In the final moments of the game, we could have passed better. If we had performed better in the second half, we might have been perfect in this match."

Montella concluded, "The players do not have much experience at this level of competition. They are gaining experience. This team is highly regarded. I am proud of that. The future belongs to us."
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