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France to Face Spain in Euro Cup Semifinal: Pre-Match Press Conference with Coach Deschamps

France to Face Spain in Euro Cup Semifinal: Pre-Match Press Conference with Coach Deschamps

How do you evaluate Spain's midfield?
All Spanish teams have the ability to field a midfield trio that provides excellent technical control. Spain has immense attacking potential, but their midfield is also a key strength, especially with Rodri, who is an indispensable player. Since the beginning of this tournament, the team as a whole has demonstrated the best control and left the best impression on almost everyone.

Maignan has performed exceptionally well in this Euro Cup. What are your thoughts on him?
He is a very high-level goalkeeper, performing excellently on the goal line, both in the air and on the ground. Handling the ball is not an issue for him, and we have known his capabilities for a long time.

In the match against Portugal, when Mbappe asked to be substituted, did you discuss his condition and how to get him back on track?
He had just played almost 110 minutes, and extra time was a bit too much for him. If he doesn't feel well, even if he is Kylian, there's no need to force him to stay on the field. Despite the tight schedule, we focused on recovery. We have done everything we can, and I believe he, like all players, is in the best possible condition. This issue is not just about the last game. He is still not accustomed to what happened at the end of last season, he had a back injury before this tournament, and then a nose injury. This could have made him leave the Euro Cup early, but he is still here, and we have to deal with it. I believe tomorrow he will give his all to be at his best, just like the other players.

How is he doing now?
He is in a new situation, and wearing a mask has affected his vision. This is a significant setback, and we must deal with it along with the hematoma on his face. The hematoma has now healed, and as time passes, his nose is becoming stronger.

Tomorrow, your opponent also includes Laporte. What are your thoughts on him choosing to represent Spain? Do you regret it?
He made that choice, which is good for him, and the most important thing is that he is happy. I have no regrets; the important thing is that he adapts well to this situation, and I believe he has.

There are reports that the currently injured Lucas Hernandez will be present at the match. Will you talk to him?
I know he cares about us. I have talked to him several times. I know his mental state, despite having just suffered a serious injury and now another one. I am sure he will do his best to recover. He is a very cheerful person, and his positive emotions are infectious. If he can be with us tomorrow, I will be very happy.

Giroud has only come off the bench three times so far. Why has he had so little playing time?
As you said, he has come off the bench three times. I have to make some choices, and Olivier is here because of his efficiency. He has not been more effective than others when on the field, which depends entirely on the specific situation of the match and the opponent. Having more forwards does not necessarily mean we will be more efficient. We have opportunities, but so far, we have not performed as we should. In a match like tomorrow’s, this will be important.

Can you understand the criticism that your style of play is very boring?
Aren't you Swedish? If so, you must be living in France, right (laughs)? If you find it boring, you can watch something else; it's not a big deal, you don't have to watch! This is a special Euro Cup for everyone, with fewer goals than usual. But we have the ability to share our emotions and make the French people happy with our results. Now, if a Swede finds our game boring, it doesn't matter to me.
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