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Miami International responds: Player health is the priority, Messi wishes to participate

According to reports from Hong Kong media, Miami International has responded to Messi's absence in Hong Kong, stating that player health is the top priority and Messi wishes to participate in the match.

Miami International responds: Player health is the priority, Messi wishes to participate

Miami International responded: "Miami International is honored to have visited Hong Kong, where we received a warm welcome from nearly 80,000 people during our open training session and match against the Hong Kong team over two days. This was extraordinary, and our club and players will always remember it."

"Although we had the best intentions, we understand the disappointment caused by Messi and Suarez's absence from Sunday's match. We apologize that these two players could not participate. We also recognize that this last-minute decision brought disappointment to our Hong Kong supporters and event organizers, Tatler Asia."

"We believe it is necessary to express that unfortunate injuries are part of the game, and our players' health must always come first. We also want to assure you that players representing our club always wish to participate in matches, as Messi stated during the Tokyo press conference on Tuesday."

"On Sunday, the club made a last-minute decision. This allowed the maximum time window for the two players to potentially be selected. Our goal has always been to have them participate in the match, which is why they were initially included in the roster submitted to the organizers before the match."

Miami International responds: Player health is the priority, Messi wishes to participate

"We could have ruled out these two players earlier, but out of the best intentions, we waited until the last moment, further emphasizing our commitment to doing everything possible."
"Messi did not participate in warm-ups because he was undergoing evaluation in the dressing room before the match. From that point on, it was deemed too risky for him to play. Ultimately, the situation required that both players not be allowed to participate in the match because medical personnel deemed it a risk to their health."

"We want to express gratitude to Tatler Asia for their dedication and hard work in making our trip to Hong Kong possible. Organizers made every effort to hold a fantastic event, but player injuries in football matches are not a deliberate fault. It's part of the beautiful game and also affected our trip to Hong Kong."

"Hong Kong is a world-class destination and an excellent place to play football, with passionate fans and excellent transportation links that can easily attract people from across the region. If fans are willing to welcome our club again, Miami International will be happy to return to beautiful Hong Kong in the future."
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