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Son Heung-min: I need to consider whether I can still represent the national team

Following South Korea's 0-2 defeat to Jordan, star player Son Heung-min expressed in an interview that he may need to consider his future with the national team, as the coach may no longer require his services.

Son Heung-min: I need to consider whether I can still represent the national team

In the match that ended early this morning, South Korea suffered a 0-2 defeat despite dominating possession throughout the game, failing to register a single shot on target and ultimately being eliminated. In this edition of the Asian Cup, 31-year-old Son Heung-min played in 6 matches, scoring a total of 3 goals, jointly topping the team's scoring chart alongside Lee Kang-in.

After the match, Son Heung-min spoke to the media in the mixed zone, expressing his disappointment with the team's performance and the regret of losing the game. He said, "I feel very disappointed, I don't know what to say. That's football, victories and defeats always alternate. We indeed have shortcomings, and Jordan was well prepared. They played well and deserve praise. It was a match where we felt we had many deficiencies. Despite the sacrifices and dedication of the players, we did not achieve the desired results. All I can say is, I'm sorry, sorry to the fans and the Korean people."

In this Asian Cup, South Korea's head coach Klinsmann's lineup decisions have been questioned by the public, criticized for relying too much on individual star abilities rather than team cooperation. Regarding the topic of "whether we can do better in the future World Cup qualifiers," Son Heung-min frankly stated, "Before that, I have to consider whether I can continue to represent the national team. The coach may no longer consider me. Everything about the future is unknown. From the coach's perspective, it is natural to receive criticism from many people. Of course, it is regrettable that he was criticized for trying to win the Asian Cup. His situation was not good even before this tournament. I think the coach has been under a lot of pressure, but he has dealt with difficult situations well. He did not show dissatisfaction with the players, nor did he give up, which left a deep impression on me. This may make him stronger."

Finally, Son Heung-min also discussed the team's previous experiences of playing two extra-time matches in the round of 16 and quarter-finals, suggesting that it might have had an impact on the players' fitness. He said, "Our team has always had a good atmosphere, but there was some tension and lack of experience in the matches, which may have been the reason for our eventual failure. But this is also the price of growth that young players have to pay. I hope everyone can become stronger because of this. Perhaps everyone is very disappointed, but our players really worked hard. If there's anyone to blame, blame me. I'm sorry for not meeting everyone's expectations, and I will work even harder to be a player that satisfies the nation."
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