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Four-Year Doping Suspension Leaves Juventus Midfielder Paul Pogba Stunned

Four-Year Doping Suspension Leaves Juventus Midfielder Paul Pogba Stunned
Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba expressed his grief stating he's "shocked, sad and heartbroken" upon being handed a four-year suspension from football following a doping offence. The 30-year-old France international was provisionally suspended in the previous September after discovering elevated testosterone levels in his system during a drug test.

Pogba, who has served multiple terms for Manchester United before re-joining Juventus in 2022, says "Everything I have built in my professional career has been taken away from me." He also affirmed his urge to appeal against the decision calling it "incorrect" and denying ever knowingly doping. At the moment, Pogba can't play until 2027, meaning he'll be 34 when he can resume play.

The positive test, confirmed by Italy's national anti-doping tribunal (Nado) in a second sample in October, leads to the requested four-year suspension by the anti-doping prosecutor's office after Juventus' inaugural match last season. The tribunal notified Juventus about the suspension on Thursday morning.

Nado ascertains Pogba's violation when non-endogenous testosterone metabolites, substances not naturally produced by the body from testosterone, were found. The results are claimed to be "consistent with the exogenous [external] origin of the target compounds."

As per Juventus, they are discussing the next steps with Pogba and his representatives since the club holds the right to cancel his contract. Pogba's initial salary earning at Juventus was approximately an annual €8m (£6.9m) plus €2m (£1.71m) bonuses. However, his provisional suspension last September has brought it down to roughly €2,400 per month (£2,054 per month), as per the clubs and the footballers' association's collective agreement.

Pogba's Juventus journey, adorned with four Scudettis and a Champions League final in 2015, however, has been marred by continued injuries and controversies. Promising more hope for the current season, Pogba's return to training appeared to have eliminated his constant injuries. But an unexpected drug test outcome post the August season opener flagged devastating results.
Operating under the saddening fact, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri, who shared a bond with Pogba, said he's sorry for Paul, indicating a probable sad closure to Pogba's chapter in Juventus. If the appeal fails, he'll be nearly 35 by the time he returns to football. Meanwhile, Pogba has also claimed to have experienced depression following his fallout with manager Jose Mourinho during Mourinho's tenure at Old Trafford.
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